So, you’ve changed your diet and lifestyle for the better, you’ve lost the weight that weighed you down previously, and your new eating regime has left you radiating health and feeling revitalized; now it’s time to complete the ‘journey’ to a renewed self with a style/fashion makeover and perhaps some retail therapy.

“A fit, healthy body – that is the best fashion statement"

 -Jess C. Scott   

NutriShion Image Styling Solutions is a complement service to the nutrition side of the business. When you feel good and healthy on the inside, you want to project that and look your very best on the outside. On this premise, NutriShion provides a service that offers personal styling consultations in addition to nutrition/health consultations.

A personal styling consultation includes wardrobe management and/or personal shopping and will assist you in matters relating to your image, fashion and style.  Colleen believes that how you look and what you wear can have nearly as much impact on your well-being as what you eat. As a qualified nutritionist, she is passionate about healthy eating and good nutrition, but she is also a fashion enthusiast with a keen eye for personal style. Colleen combines her people skills gained from working as a nutritionist, together with her knowledge and love of fashion and style to help women achieve their fashion aspirations.

"NutriShion Image Styling Solutions is for the every day woman who is both health conscious and style conscious” 

If you want to enhance your image and feel more confident about your personal style, NutriShion can help by offering you a friendly personalized service, and impartial practical advice that focuses on helping you to create the perfect wardrobe that best suits YOU and your lifestyle, enabling you to look and feel fabulous! Colleen has particularly enjoyed working with clients who have rediscovered fashion following weight loss, and want advice about how to dress to enhance their new figure and personal image.

Personal Styling Consultations – £40/hour

Why not complement your personal image consultation with a personal nutrition consultation and save £20

Look First-rate…Feel Great!