I hope you all had a good Easter break full of rest and food. I’ll admit, I’ve gnawed my way through a fair few pieces of Guylian chocolate this Easter; pralines are among my favourite type of chocolate treat, and despite reports suggesting we throw away 30,000 tonnes of chocolate and sweets in the UK each year, praline would never go to my waste in my household! On the other hand, whilst I should probably indulge more in 70% + dark chocolate, with its lower sugar content and higher antioxidant properties, my palate just cannot appreciate its bitter taste, therefore I'd be more likely to waste dark chocolate, although I’d always try to this avoid this by either giving it away, or using my limited culinary skills to create something a little more appetising. The latter is what I did this weekend with a bar of 70% dark chocolate that I received from a client, and I guess it’s something you and/or the kids could do with any leftover chocolate that you’d rather use than throw away.

I made some Chocolate Bark with the dark chocolate as it was the easiest, quickest recipe I could think of, not to mention you can get somewhat creative by adding some of your favourite toppings to the lashings of thick melted chocolate.



-70% dark chocolate

-2 medium-sized fresh strawberries chopped into small pieces (yum....... strawberries and chocolate -  best combo ever!)

-6-8 Hazelnuts roughly chopped

-2 teaspoons Raisins

-2 teapsoons raw cacao nibs

-A couple of small pinches of rock salt ( brings out the flavour of all the other ingredients)



*Sit a heat proof bowl in a pan of boiling water over a medium heat. Break the chocolate into small pieces, add to the bowl and watch the chocolate melt, stirring occasionally

*Once the chocolate has melted, add half of your toppings and mix into the chocolate

*Line a dish with cling film of baking parchment and pour the chocolate mix into the dish. Top with the remaining toppings

Place in the fridge for one hour or until the chocolate has set, then break apart and devour!