Churchill Retirement Living's Healthy Living Event

NutriShion was recently invited to speak at Churchill Retirement Living’s Sutton Coldfield development in the West Midlands. They were hosting a healthy living event for their residents as part of their plans to expand their lifestyle events programme. I was asked to talk about healthy eating and therefore presented some of the basics for achieving a healthy, balanced diet.

I started off by asking the residents to note down what they ate on a typical day and I think this was quite enlightening for them as it stimulated an active and fun discussion between the residents. We looked at a variety of nutrition concepts including the importance of increasing our fibre intake and how to incorporate whole-grains into the diet, and we addressed the misconception that all fats were ‘bad’ and clarified the role and sources of healthy fats in the diet. We discussed modelling our diets on the Mediterranean diet and then had a little bit of fun guessing how many sugar cubes were in certain drinks. The main demographic was 60+, an age where people can be at increased risk of certain diseases such as osteoporosis, heart disease and dementia, so I also focused on the benefits of some key foods in the diet that would be particularly beneficial for this age group.

I had great fun and hope to be invited to their next wellbeing event.