Birmingham Wellness Meetup Group

Last weekend I hosted the first Birmingham Wellness Meetup Group, which is sponsored by NutriShion.  The event took place at Boston Tea Party on the morning of the 19 September. Not everyone who RSVP’d attended but it was lovely to meet those that did. Like-minded individuals who are passionate about health and wellness getting together to talk about their interests, passions and goals. I’m currently in the process of organising the next Meetup.

For more information about the Group, you can click to my Birmingham Wellness page, or to hear about future Meetup events, you can become a member over on the Meetup website.  I listened to my members, and they’d like to see networking events, supper clubs, wellness brunches, book clubs, fitness sessions, health workshops and more, so I've got my work cut out, but I'm excited! If you have any ideas for venues, projects or event suggestions, please do get in touch.

I’m really looking forward to the next event!