A Wellness Gift Guide

I’m quite fortunate that in my close circle of friends and family, we tend to have a unanimous agreement that we don’t spend money on (or endure the anxiety of) buying each other Christmas presents and instead we just enjoy each other’s company when we can over a good drink and an indulgent meal during the festive period; however, that won’t stop me offering you my wellness gift guide - a guide tailored to the health and wellness enthusiast, like myself! If there is anyone reading this and wanting to surprise me with a pressie, I’d happily appreciate any of the gifts below, all of which are available on Amazon, so you can avoid those dreaded shopping queues! What are you hoping for this Christmas?

1. NutriBullet – I have one of these already for blending my milkshakes and fruit smoothies, but now they offer them in different colours to match the accent colours in your kitchen – they are so easy to clean might I add!

2. Kettlebells – I’m a fan of home workouts, so I use these when I want to incorporate muscle strengthening exercises such as squats and lunges into my workout regime

3. Fitbit -  a great little tool to monitor your daily intake and motivate you to do more exercise. I tend to wear a pedometer to track whether I’m doing the suggested 10,000 steps each day but this gadget is a lot more stylish in my opinion

4. Active-wear -  as long as you know the dress or shoes size of the recipient of your gift, active-wear for the fashionable fitness enthusiast is always a good idea

5. Kitchenware – for healthy foodies, the kitchen is probably the haven of the home, and as such we like it to look presentable with pretty little storage accessories such as these mason jars

6. Headphones -  whether power walking to the shop, work or at the gym, these will help put a spring in their step

7.  Recipe books - If you’re buying for a foodie, you can’t go wrong with getting them the latest cookery book

8. Spiralizer -  this is my favourite kitchen gadget at the moment so I had to add it to the list; it just makes vegetables a lot  more interesting

Happy Festive Shopping!