Healthy Snacks

My job requires some national travel (unfortunately no international travel, but I’m working on that), so I thought I would discuss with you some of my favourite snacks to keep me going throughout the day. I don’t necessarily advocate that you have to snack as part of a healthy diet, however when your day starts early and ends late and therefore there’s a long time between meals or if I’m just a little more peckish than usual, I find it useful to have some healthy snacks to hand so that I’m not tempted to buy less healthy options, plus it saves me spending money on other convenience foods. Here are some of my personal favourite snacks and of course there are others but these tend to be my portable staple bites when I’m on the run:

FRUIT – fruit is particularly convenient and travels well, and snacking on fruit will help you to reach your five-a-day; you don’t typically need any equipment or resources to prepare (providing you have washed the fruit beforehand) or store it. Among my personal favourite fruit are bananas and grapes which I find really take the edge off my appetite.

ALMOND NUT BUTTER – I really enjoy the combination of apple and almond butter for its taste and health appeal – almond butter is low in sugar, contains healthy fats and is source of protein and fibre. Almond butter does not require refrigeration so before I leave in the morning, I will transfer a couple of tablespoons into a little a container and slice up apples and then when I get peckish during the day I just dunk my apples into the butter -  yum!! The extra protein you get from the butter may help to keep you a bit fuller.

NUTS – I find nuts to be slightly moreish and they are quite calorie dense, so I always share out my portion for the day rather than taking the whole packet, which I’d easily devour. Again, a really nutritious and satisfying snack that is convenient when on the move, and sometimes I’ll have them with dried fruit such as raisins.

RYVITA WITH SPREAD – How easy would it be to buy a packet of crisps or biscuits whilst out and about? Well my alternative is wholegrain crispbreads. I’ll wrap a few up in foil and take a small amount of spread with me in a container; I find hummus keeps better than dairy products, which require refrigeration so that’s usually my choice (see my homemade hummus). Don’t forget the plastic knife; you can get them from most cafes/coffee shops…………ooops *covers mouth*.

WATER – okay maybe not a snack per se but keeping hydrated throughout the day reduces my appetite in between meals and ensures I’m not mistaking hunger for thirst so I always aim to have a bottle of water with me when I’m travelling from place to place.