Birmingham Wellness Brunch

I’m excited to announce a special Meetup for November, which will be our third get-together since the Meetup Group’s inception in August 2015: a Wellness Brunch at Hotel du Vin on Saturday 21 November. You can find out more information about Birmingham Wellness Meetups here.

This will be the last Meetup for 2015 before the Christmas rush sets in and I wanted to do something a little bit different to celebrate the launch of the Birmingham Wellness Group and provide an opportunity for members to meet each other in a more intimate setting whilst indulging in a delicious, healthy Wellness Brunch.

I’ve always liked the idea of wellness brunches, supper clubs and retreats, where like-minded individuals with a common interest in health and wellbeing get together to chat, eat nutritious food and in some cases sweat (through some form of workout session); I have found these types of events tend to be a big feature of the London wellness culture but much less popular in Birmingham. Recognising this, fellow foodie, food blogger and Birmingham Wellness member, Asma and I have decided to host our very own wellness brunch, right here in Birmingham!

We would like to invite you to join us for our Wellness Brunch on Saturday 21 November at Hotel du Vin at 10.00am. Although my nutrition business sponsors this Meetup group to cover the subscription costs, it is unable to cover all the costs of this event and therefore there is a charge of £20.00 per member, which is payable when you RSVP. Experience a morning of good food, great company, inspiring chit chat and a lot of fun all in the comfort of our very own private dining room. Don’t worry about coming alone, this will be a great opportunity to meet new people with a common interest - what better way to start your weekend!

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