Registered Nutritionists in Practice

Earlier this year, a couple of my fellow Registered Nutritionists and I decided to set up a group which promoted the knowledge and skills of Registered Nutritionists, and championed their role in developing the field of nutrition and improving the health of the public. We called the group ‘RNiP’  - Registered Nutritionists in Practice.

I was passionate about being involved in this project because I see too often individuals claiming to be nutrition ‘experts’ and recommending nutrition advice that is based on personal experience and/or opinion rather than credible scientific evidence. This has implications for the public in terms of the advice they receive, but it also has implications for nutrition professionals like me who spent years at university studying nutrition. Unfortunately, at this time, the job title ‘nutritionist’ is not protected like that of ‘dietitian’ and therefore anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, even my friend who is an accountant that occasionally writes a food blog, you get my point……….. However, only registrants with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists can call themselves a Registered Nutritionist, which does give the public, employers, businesses and the media a degree of confidence that they are consulting someone who is properly qualified, and it enables Registered Nutritionists to distinguish themselves from the quacks

RNiP aims to raise awareness and champion the work of Registered Nutritionists so we are recognised as credible nutrition experts. You can network with us on Twitter, which also has a link to our Facebook page, and we work closely with the Association for Nutrition who hold the UK’s Voluntary Register of Nutritionists.

                                                                                      **Exciting News**

The RNiP team have decided to host an informal networking event during Food Matters Live on Wednesday 18 November, which is open to all Associate and Registered Nutritionists, and aims to provide more information on RNiP’s aims and future plans. There will also be a representative from AfN present to give an update on their work so far to support Registered and Associate Nutritionists throughout the UK. We would also like to encourage discussion between registrants about your own ideas for protecting the title and promoting the work of Registrants throughout the UK.

Wednesday 18 November 2015, 5.30 – 6.30pm, Evidence Base Theatre.

To RSVP to the event, please email

To attend you will also need to register to attend Food Matters Live.