Fare Healthy

I recently attended the festival, 'Fare Healthy', at London's Borough Market. Out of all the festivals I have visited this summer, this was by far my favourite. Why? Well, because it is a festival that promotes and celebrates health and well-being, and as a Registered Nutritionist this is always of interest to me; it was refreshing to be able to stroll from stall to stall and see that every product/service on offer was 'healthy', whilst soaking up a feel-good atmosphere without the stench of hot-dogs, burgers, chips and lager in the air, typical of most summer festivals.

The festival offered a lovely mix of talks from well-knowns in the wellness industry, recipe demonstrations, health workshops, fitness sessions and book signings, and an opportunity to purchase apparel and food products, all of which kept us entertained and intrigued throughout the day.

Whilst I didn't support all of the claims being made by the various bodies at the event -  being a Registered Nutritionist I use credible scientific evidence to base my claims and recommendations -  I was inspired by the ethos of the event and the fact that every attendee was there because they cared about their health, were passionate to learn more about how to improve their general well-being, and to network with like-minded people with a common interest in living well. The organisers describe Fare Healthy as, 'a celebration of your health and happiness -  a feel good festival where we can all come together to learn, eat, sweat and enjoy an inspiring day'.