NutriShion was invited to speak at the Natural Strutting It Event at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Birmingham on the 01 October. The Natural Strutting It Event is a hair, beauty and lifestyle show that welcomes a range of experts from their individual fields to inspire and educate attendees about looking good and feeling good – this is the ethos behind the NutriShion brand as well! I was asked as a Registered Nutritionist to talk about how to achieve and maintain healthy skin.


I've been in the NutriShion kitchen again, this time making a delicious alternative to meat burgers. I've recently started to experiment more with with meat-free dishes as a way to incorporate a more plant-based eating regime into my lifestyle. I don't think I'll ever give up animal products, but I'm certainly on a mission to be more adventurous with a plant-based diet, which we know has many health benefits in terms of reducing disease risk. You can read my inspiration behind making the burgers and get my recipe on my lifestyle blog


I love working out: it wakes me up if I choose to exercise in the morning; it gives my skin a radiant glow; it benefits my health in more ways than one; and it makes my body feel toned and look better in my clothes. I wish I had more opportunities/time to don my activewear and get my sweat on, but alas, life sometimes just gets in the way and other things have to take priority. Nonetheless, I do try to fulfil the government’s recommendations for physical activity as outlined below:


Due to an increase in demand for weekend consultations, I have be on the hunt for some suitable venues that I can consult from on Saturdays and Sundays. I recently went to another business' workshop at the Malmaison hotel's new 'Work & Play' space, which has been designed to host business meetings and events.  I noticed that as well as having large meeting rooms, they had some smaller meeting rooms called pods, which I thought would be perfect for me to see my clients.


Eating out regularly can potentially play havoc with your weight loss and healthy eating efforts but it doesn't have to. Below I have noted down some of the strategies I personally use when I’m trying to control my calorie intake and maintain a healthy eating regime whilst eating out. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the 80/20 balanced eating mantra (eating ‘healthy’, nutrient dense food 80% of the time and reserving the chocolate, dessert and alcohol to approximately 20% of the time)  but when the balance gets shifted in the wrong direction it’s important to pull in the reins to keep yourself on track, and you can do this even if your life dictates that you have to eat out regularly.


By this time last weekend, I had gnawed my way through a couple of bars of chocolate within 24 hours; but these were not any chocolate bars……..these were chocolate bars lovingly hand-made by my dear friend Asma, who I met for the first time at one of my Birmingham Wellness Meetups just under 12 months ago. Last weekend saw Asma launch her new chocolate confectionary brand, Maza Chocolate, at the Good Food Show and I was honoured and excited to go along and support her.


I hope you all had a good Easter break full of rest and food. I’ll admit, I’ve gnawed my way through a fair few pieces of Guylian chocolate this Easter; pralines are among my favourite type of chocolate treat, and despite reports suggesting we throw away 30,000 tonnes of chocolate and sweets in the UK each year, praline would never go to my waste in my household!

Pancake Stacks

I know, I know, it’s all a bit cliché doing a pancake recipe post this week, but despite loving and regularly indulging in my slightly adapted version of the two-ingredient pancake (made popular by the health and foodie bloggers), I realised I've never posted a pancake recipe on my blog so what better time to publish one; apologies if this is your fourth or fifth pancake recipe blog post you've stumbled upon, but mine is making its début on Forcailini this week.

A Wellness Gift Guide

’m quite fortunate that in my close circle of friends and family, we tend to have a unanimous agreement that we don’t spend money on (or endure the anxiety of) buying each other Christmas presents and instead we just enjoy each other’s company when we can over a good drink and an indulgent meal during the festive period; however, that won’t stop me offering you my wellness gift guide - a guide tailored to the health and wellness enthusiast, like myself! 

Turmeric Milk

When I've been running errands outdoors all day, and I’m chilled to the bones because the hint of morning sunlight deceived me in to dressing inappropriately for the day ahead, I like nothing better than to curl up by the fire in my thermals when I return home; an added bonus would be a hot drink but I’m not really a tea or coffee drinker, so what’s my usual alternative? Maybe a hot chocolate if I have some cacao powder, but more recently it’s been Turmeric Milk - in my opinion, a delicious warming and comforting combination of hot milk and the boldly coloured spice, turmeric.

Food Matters Live 2015

As a Registered Nutritionist, keeping up to date with the latest research is imperative to my practise. My advice and recommendations are always evidence-based to protect and benefit the public. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) is important for professionals to stay updated with relevant training, information, skills and knowledge to remain competent throughout their career journey. One way you can continue to learn is to attend conferences, which is what I did last week.

A Magazine Feature in Coquettish Professional

Coquettish Professional is a quarterly business and lifestyle magazine based in Birmingham, West Midlands. It is aimed at 19-30 year old women and aspires to inform, excite and encourage its readers. The first issue was launched in October 2015 and I was asked to contribute an article about my life as a nutritionist. 

If you don't managed to get your hands on a copy, here's what I wrote:

Pumpkin and Lentil Courgetti

This weekend saw many of us participating in Halloween celebration. I haven’t revelled in the festivities of Halloween since I was a child, and now I only really observe the true spirit of it when I’m greeted at my door by children disguised as witches and other ghoulish characters, and whom I always feel obliged to give a treat to because I can’t take the risk of being tricked.

Registered Nutritionists in Practice

Earlier this year, a couple of my fellow Registered Nutritionists and I decided to set up a group which promoted the knowledge and skills of Registered Nutritionists, and championed their role in developing the field of nutrition and improving the health of the public. We called the group ‘RNiP’  - Registered Nutritionists in Practice.