1. HEALTHY EATING – General Wellness Nutrition Consultations

If you would like to discuss your overall diet and find out how you can make some general improvements for better health and well-being, but you do not want to commit to the 6-week programme, NutriShion can offer 1 hour individual consultations, which includes a comprehensive nutrition report and one 30 minute follow up telephone call. 

General Wellness Nutrition Consultations can provide expert advice on:

  • How to Achieve a Balanced Diet
  • Healthy Meal Planning
  • Healthy Eating for Disease Prevention (rather than treatment)
  • Weight Management (surgical/non-surgical)
  • Understanding Food Labels
  • Diet and Nutrition-Related Behavioural & Lifestyle Change (including physical activity)



For the past 7 years, Colleen has worked alongside physicians, surgeons, dietitians and  nurses in the weight loss surgery industry. As a Registered Nutritionist, she is responsible for educating patients about nutrition and diet before and after surgery (such as the gastric band and gastric bypass). Colleen is empathetic as she supports and motivates her patients through their weight loss journey. She understands that a halo is not fitted when the gastric band is fitted and that weight loss surgery is just a tool to help you achieve your goal, but as with any tool, you need to learn and understand how to use it to get the best outcome.

If you have had weight loss surgery without an after-care package, or if your after-care package has come to an end and you still need some support and guidance with your diet and nutrition, NutriShion can help. A one hour individual consultation will identify the difficulties you are encountering with your chosen procedure and then help you tackle them head on.


1 Hour Individual Consultations – £75


To book a consultation or find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with NutriShion. Home visits and telephone consultations may be available on request.

NB: Referral to another healthcare professional may be required in some circumstances (e.g. band adjustments), which may incur an additional charge.